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Yes you was right mate, I managed to get in contact with oettinger in Germany and they've confirmed that have no more stock left for boras anymore . Absolutely gutted 😂
Sorry, it seems my two mini-group buys emptied the last Bora bits Oettinger had. I'll keep an eye out for a roof spoiler for you, but ebay is probably going to the best bet for genuine items. Replicas are available, though, such as from Switch Happy Euro.

EDIT: New page, new pics!

Skirts and roof spoiler arrived, so have some pics:

Obviously, both are going to need repainting in black, but there are some minor issues that need repairing/tidying up. Nothing major, no structural stuff that I can see from the outside. Obviously, that might change once the paint comes off, but there's nothing really that I wouldn't be able to deal with.

All I need for the 4mo's bodywork now is an Oettinger grille. Sweeet.

Pauper with big ideas
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Little update on the TDI, nothing major (but wordy).

The SPIvision mesh I put on when I refurbed the headlight lenses... it looks good when it first goes on, but... well, it has some issues. Firstly, once it gets dirty, it looks terrible, and for some reason it's really hard to keep clean. Secondly, and FAR more importantly, it blocks so much light it renders headlights useless. My xenons have uprated burners and they still were terrible with the mesh on. As the mesh is opaque, it blocks at least two thirds of the light, probably closer to 75 or even 80%. I only had the mesh on the headlights for a couple of days before I took it off. The output of the rear lights wasn't a problem (confirmed through experimentation), but the headlight output was unsafe. In short:


However, if you're looking for a safe headlight tint I have a solution.

Vvivid is already known as one of the best vinyl manufacturers/suppliers out there, and in addition to their vinyl for body wraps, they have a handful of headlight tint films. Same high quality as their "normal" vinyl, and with a few variations (see here). CK Wraps uses it, and in fact it's the only headlight tint they use. How's that for endorsement.

Anyway... I went with the "HEX+ Light Smoke Air-Tint". I wasn't particularly bothered about the hexagon pattern, but it seemed a lighter tint than the non-HEX tint, and that's what I wanted. Just enough tint to take the shine off the headlights, and tie everything together. Hope that makes sense. Turns out, given the black surrounds on the headlights, the tint looks a lot darker that it is.

So, some pics... first off, the film itself:

Backing paper is the standard heavy white paper, but there's no top film on the HEX+ stuff (though apparently the non-HEX stuff does have the film). The hex pattern is translucent, and embedded in the film, and will stretch and flex without restriction.

I did the rear clusters and the fog lights first, as I'd noticed something iffy with the headlights that I thought might cause an issue.

The Before:


Standard issue wrapping... cut a bit over-size, get some laid, and work it til it glasses:

I'm still pretty new to wrapping, and the Bora lights are a little tricky as there's a two-way curve, but I got there. A couple of tiny blemishes, but I'm pretty happy with them (bubbles you see on the flat face is due to moulding on the lights themselves.

End result:

Fogs next. Again, a little tricky due to the curve, but worked out fine with a little heat. Ended up without a single blemish on either light. Pic after one light done, to show comparison:

Headlights... had gone a bit strange. After the refurb, I'd applied a UV sealer for some extra protection. With the mesh over the top, something had happened, and the surface ended up with a weird bobbly texture.

Isopropyl Alcohol didn't seem to touch it, and though it didn't seem to affect light output, it had to go before I could put the new tint over the top... so I had to sand the lenses again :(

Weirdest part of it is, even after sanding and polishing the lenses back to glassy smooth, I could still see the dot pattern. Like it was now inside the lens itself. At any rate, you can't see it on the end product, so... win?

Some pics in the (relative) dark of an ASDA car park:

After sorting the lights, I tackled a job I have weirdly not addressed despite having the parts to fix it, and it irritating me on every long journey:

Broken arm-rest lid.

I've had a broken barrel hinge on both the front and back of the arm-rest for a long time, and finally pulled my finger out to fix it. I used the "AARODRIGUEZ CORP" kit to fix the mounting hinge (see here) and their replacement retainer/catch (see here). The mounting hinge is a little ugly, but it works nicely. The retainer/catch is perfect.

Fix/mod pics:

Fitted pics:

All in all, pretty good in my opinion. At the very least it'll do until I can find an intact replacement. Well worth the money.

And one last point, to do with the ongoing fight against condensation and damp. We all know the door skin seals and drain holes can cause moisture to get in, as it's one of the most common mk4 problems, but I had overlooked one small, but apparently very significant entry point:

The antenna seal.

I had noticed a little while ago that the TDI's antenna seal looked a bit rough, but by the gods was I wrong. I didn't damage it getting it out, but this is what was left of the seal once I'd got the antenna off:

I felt some condensation behind the headlining when getting the antenna nut off, so I think at least a little moisture was getting in. It would certainly go some way to explain why my headliner has started to drop in places.

That's it for the update, really. I have a few jobs I want to get done on the TDI in the next few weeks, but nothing ground-breaking. The last door skin seal needs renewing (hopefully solving the condensation problem), I need to change out a coolant hose for a PD150 one (hopefully the last one), and I want to relocate my oil catch can as I'm getting a little pipe seepage. I also need to acquire a set of PD150 fuel lines (filter to rail pair). Headliner may get redone over the winter, but I'm in no rush about that, to be honest.

No new acquisitions for the 4mo, and no update there I'm afraid.

I'm hoping the new year will bring a better job, which should let me at least "finish" the TDI.
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