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Xenon Lights

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When i first bought my car i put some xenon bulbs in it so i didnt have the horrible yellow colour. Iv noticed that my plastic on my lights are quite foggy and you dont get the full effect of the bulbs.

What i want to know is should i buy some xenon headlights and fork out the money or are these hid kits as good?

and how much are the real xenon headlights?

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Golf headlights are glass not plastic if they are the original VW ones [*-)]

Genuine factory xenons run abou £300 for a s\h set on the bay IF you can find them.
Iv had a look for the last month and not been able to find anything!
It will be glass but just when I was cleaning it I thought it was plastic!
Any ideas if there is much difference between xenon and the hid kits?
do i need a hid kit for each set of lights? or do you only do the dipped beams?
You seem confused here... xenon is HID. The difference is between a Halogen filled filament bulb as is supplied on most vehicles, and a Xenon filled arc lamp - the latter is used in an HID kit where a ballast is required to step the voltage up from 12v to upto around 30 000v. Instead of running through a tungsten filament and glowing brightly, the electricity jumps (arcs) across through the xenon gas and ignites it.

Generally, people fit the kits to just the dipped beam. You should be aware that it is illegal to retrofit these kits - only vehicles that were factory fitted with projector lenses, auto levelling lights and washer jets should be using high intensity discharge bulbs.
Ok that help alot, do where do I go next, where is good to buy from and what should I be looking for, I want as close to the White xenon look as possible!
Price/ quality, iv seen some hid kits for ?70 or iv seen on the item for sale link a set of xenons for ?450?
I recently had a new xenon headlight unit on my R32 and it was £350 from VW..Unless you REALLY want them I would steer clear..theyre expensive and prone to faults ie ballasts(£120) and ignitors(usually needing a new headlight),new bulbs aint cheap either.
Had my OEM xenons for 2 years no problems. Neither did the owner before me.

Drivers side xenon igniters are a common fault on older mkiv R32s
Oh pre 2001? Forgot about them [:$]

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