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would these 2 parts fit together?

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no. the manifold flange on the turbo is a t28 flange and the manifold is a t3 flange so bolt pattern and flange size would be different. a vw/audi manifold to nissan 200sx/silvia turbo = no sorry bud
is it possible to get a t28 manifold for the agu 1.8 turbo then?
yeah cant see why not mate you would need an engineer or welder to make one for you.
so basically i can put any turbo on the car aslong as i can get a manifold made up for it?

or would i be better getting something like this to go with the t3 manifold or is this just a cheap rubbish turbo?

can anybody point me in the direction of where i can get a t28rs turbo please :)

try backdraft mate they site sponser would be better to get car specific then there will be less fabrication involved, but you would still need an aftermarket manifold, downpipe, injecters, fuel pump, fmic, maf and intake pipe, uprated suspension, uprated brakes, map to suit and probably something ive forgotten.
do we get a discount of some sort from them? and there are manifolds on ebay for the 1.8t to suit a t3 so could get one of those and i already have the fmic, fuel pump, uprated suspension and i guess im kinda half way there lol

cheers for the help so far anyway mate
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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