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wireless surround sound gaming headset ps3

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im on the hunt for a good set of wireless headphones to use on my ps3 preferably with surround sound can anyone recommend any ive seen the turtle beach 7.1 surround set but at £170 i thought i would ask about 1st lol
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Wireless are way overpriced. Get a wired set but not Turtle Beach. The wires entangle themselves and split when pulled apart. Had to send mine back for a refund.

I now use a wired set called 4Gamers and is officially licensed by Sony. One wire and doesnt tangle or twist like the Turtle Beach. Link-


cool ill give them a look what are they like up loud is the sound quality ok i want to use them for watching blu rays aswell as the mrs complains when i have the surround sound turned up loud and theres no point having it on if it cant be loud lol
They sound good. Maybe not as much base as the TB's but big difference in price doesnt justify it. If you have a budget of over 150 then id be looking at Bose and see if they do any.

cool i might give them a try then dont really fancy forking out silly money for a set tbh . cheers for the info
Oh dont get them though if you have a big head lol They dont go up too big.

lol think my heads average size lol
lol Should be ok then bud.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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