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winter mode..

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could not resist! i will be spraying my Audi A3 16`s (in black i think) and taking my QS customs off to pin stripe them and paint the insides of them black ready for the dry season. the missis is gonna love having 4 alloys laying about the front room for a coup,le months! i think not!

Anyway... apt sticker!

any ideas to what colour to spray my Audi wheels? Throw some ideas at me!

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Would it be too unreal to say some sort of gold? Maybe with a slight metallic flake in it. Gotta be quite a nice rich gold too.

Just an idea [:D] I'll hide now [paperbag]
na i had gold wheels on my Scooby and hated them. made them white in the end too!

Thanks for the input tho! :)
White! Why didn't I just suggest that. White or cream maybe?
it needs to be on a budget, i should of mentioned that. the fact that there only winter wheels i dont wanna spend on em. maybe a couple of rattle cans and a tinny of primer!! lol

Im feeling gloss black atm as there easy to keep clean. tis one of the main reasons im taking my Bentley gloss cream wheels off as there a tosser to keep clean! lol
Ohh you meant the A3 wheels. My bad. Black fo sho [H][Y]

my other wheels are already done, there in my sig.

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Black or gun metal gey with thin red pinstipe
I would say gloss black [Y]

Then I doesn't matter how dirty they get they are still the same(ish) colour.

I guess that's the only advantage I have in running steels for winter.
my other wheels are already done, there in my sig.

Damn, that's shiny!

I'd probably go gloss black.
hahaha phil.. wait to see what it looks like after a 3 stage mop polish and wax!! now thats shiny!

Dubbed.... ill swap my alloys for you steelies!! the Audis that is! lol
Lol, I thought I was onto a winner there.

I'm so fed up with all of this winter BS now, I want to fit my RS's!
tell me about it. my wheels have been on my car about a month and i hate them already as every drive they go from Cream to black! I should of just left the Audi wheels on but i can spend all that money on making my wheels all sexual and not rep around my end with them on!! lol

i will deffo take them off as soon as my body allows me to walk un aided. i dont think the Audis look to bad tbh, tho i would love some steelies!
Lol your mad (in a good way) for running the cream rims through this weather.

The Audis do look surprisingly good though [Y]
lol mate.. i have paid for jet washes and just done my wheels 3 or 4 times now.... they gotta go and i gotta custom them more. i got 3mm red pin stripe on its way, and ill paint the inside of the rim black too as i cant reach it on the car to keep them clean. They will most deffo be worthy of the name of Custom Qs`s!
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