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window switches not working please help!

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Hi guys I am new to the forum

i have had a new regulator put in my drivers door, now as i got it back off the engineer the switches do not work i have checked all the fuses and they all seem to work i have also checked the wiring for rips but to no a vale. All the lights do not switch on either on the drivers door.

now im scratching my head an soon to be4 making it bleed,

please help as I have been looking for a solution for weeks.

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Sounds like he hasn't plugged them in?

I had a similar problem when i got my car back from the tinters, he hadn't plugged the door controls back in. It's a dead simple 5 min fix if that is the case.

Just pop out the controls and plug the cable back in.
I have taken the door card apart all the wires are as they should be and correctly plugged in the the right thing. the only thing that is working is the auto lock system on the control switches but this only locks and unlocks the drivers door. any more ideas guys thanks for the help[agree]
Try disconnecting the battery for about five minutes.

Thank chris for helping out mate. I have tried that yesterday also left it off overnight but still nothing ....
Take it back to the guy that buggered it up in that case.

Or try these fuses....

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well I did when I asked for an explanation and he said it was not his problem so it resulted in a bit of fistycups[:mad:]

is this located under the steering wheel?
Sort of,it's behind two lots of panels in front of the drivers right leg.

i had a look today all seemed well with the fuses, what else could this be down to because power is being delivered to the lock button but not the rest of the switches not even the wing mirror controls[:|]
The guy that replaced the regulator must have damaged some wiring if you're 100% certain all the fuses are ok?

Oh and remind us again,does the central locking work as it should,but just not the windows?

i would meter the connectors to make sure you got power there..then trace the fault backwards.

But if it was working before this guy played with it, it got to around that area the fault lays..pity he's not helping you out here. guess you won't be using him again..
before I left it with him everything on the door was working, well I left my car with him because my window had fell in he said he could sort it, when I got the car back the window was on but none of the electrics on the doors were working, I asked what he had done he answered "I was only told to fix the window not the electrics" I was well angered!

im so certain there is nothing wrong with the wiring I popped down to the local salvage yard and got the complete wiring but still the controls are not lighting up, the only thing working is the central locking and that is only locking the drivers door. the fuses are all in tact. - Chris

I'm going to give that a go see what's going on and no not going to be going anywhere near him - redzed

thanks guy for helping me out
Ok then,let's try something else.Wind the window down that will go down,put the key in the door lock and turn to lock the car but leave it in that position for a bit longer and let us know if the window rolls up?

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