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Will these bumpers be an easy fit?

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Hi, im new to the forum. Its very impressive!

Just stumbling around on ebay and found these

Can you tell me if they are an easy fit?
And how much it would cost to smooth the rear bumper for myself?
And does non standard R32 bumper provide a nice fit?

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Hello and welcome

Front and rear bumper are very easy to fit, just a case of removing a few screws and sliding them off, then slide the new one on and screw down!

Rep bumpers are a hit and miss, however, the one youve show seems to be a good fit! then can go for 100 onwards, still, there is a gen one on ebay atm, it might be worth saving your pennies and fitting an OEM one, they dont look as square!
Hi mate, well regards to the smoothing i'd get it done professionally tbh. But it can be done yourself with effort and a lot of time! haha probably set you around £20-30 wet/dry paper etc. But the bumpers will fit straight on just bolt on, There's a guide for taking the front bumper off somewhere.
Thanks for the replys.
How much are we looking at to get it professionally done? I have alot of time but little effort!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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