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Wierd rear light cluster / interior lights / central locking issue! Any ideas?

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HI folks, seasons greetings.

I suffered with a really strange issue the other nght. I was out and about on Tuesday night and when I parked up at home, I noticed the rear driver side tail light was out. I popped the boot, and then took the cluster out of the holder, and had a quick check of the bulbs just to see what was what, and then after removed the offending bulb, I replaced it back just to make sure it wasnt loose.

It didn't come back on but I decided to leave it in place rather than take it out, as the garage is just round the corner, and i have a habit of losing things at home.

I tried to zap the remote central locking with no joy, and I've also noticed that I had lost all interior reading lights as well. Is this some kind of short circuit thing? The cars locks centrally operate with the key in the door, and the remote keyfob light still comes up, but no joy.

What have I done? Is the knackered bulb maybe causing some kind of short circuit to the electrics, or have I done something to the cars security system maybe!

Has anyone suffered similar issues or know what might be causing the prob? I am hoping that maybe swapping out for a new buib might sort it, but you never know!

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is now fixed!! had blown a fuse on my central locking convenience unit?!?! Also, the car had to be reset by holding the key the in the lock with the button pressed and then turned left and right?!
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