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Why Are You Online On New Years Eve Thread?

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I'm looking after my little brother who has special needs so the rest of the family get's chance to let their hair down.

Why are you still online?
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I'm on Taxi duty for my parents,lots of coffee to stay up until 2am!
Why the frig am i still watching the pop cartoon channel!!!
And why arnt the kids asleep yet!
Well... i'm usually working NYE but not this year, which is a bummer because you make a bomb working tonight! [N]

So instead of going out and spending a ton of money getting drunk and making myself feel terrible for work tomorrow.... im staying in an im half way thru a very nice bottle of Beaujolais Villages!

Happy NY!
Staying in watching horror films, beats going out and spending silly money!
Cause its cheaper to stay in ...........

............oh, and i have no mates [cry]
'Cos I was working the last three days - past few New Years I have been abroad, or been away in other parts of the UK.

I couldn't get the time off between Xmas & NYE this year (limiting options for tonight), but I'm actually happy to spend time with the family, rather than paying stupid prices to get into a local pub/restaurant, or travelling hundreds of miles to do similar in another town.

Speaking to a lot of friends this NYE - enthusiasm to do very much seems at an all time low...

Just enjoyed the Italian Job (the proper one), watching Die Hard 4.0, and will watch Jools Holland very soon.

Happy 2011 folks [Y]
Because I'm tight-fisted. And because I fell down the stairs last night and can barely walk today [doh]
Because my mrs is being a idiot like always lol
and will watch Jools Holland very soon.
Remind me to give to a clip around the ear if i meet you!!
1. No friends!

2. No money

3. No babysitter

4. Have to be up for work in the morning

5. Just got home from doing a late night exhaust welding session!

6. Too fecking cold outside

7. Too tired and couldn't be arssed even if reasons 1 to 6 didn't exist!
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Worlds biggest cough & cold so im a taxi for the well tonight

Happy new year to you all
and will watch Jools Holland very soon.
Remind me to give to a clip around the ear if i meet you!!
Haha - don't watch him very often - tend to enjoy his shows around Glastonbury and New Years, but must be missing something here though! Old before my time...?!
Because I'm a cynical old git[:mad:]. Apart from opening a new calendar,what the hell are we actually celebrating?

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