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Not sure if this thread is dead or not, but just wanted to say about my Golf.

She may only be a 1.6 16v BCB but she's perfect for what I need and over the past several years she's far from looking standard, since I've had her all I have done is upgraded her by only using OEM+ parts most recently (as of last week) I've retrofitted cruise control into her and I am amazed at the results.

To date she's had two different wheels- currently sat on a refurbished black set of Santa Monicas with some custom flake in it.
A completely new interior from a GTI to remove the horrid (IMO) stock seats,
New dash trim (Net Optic)
A FIS IMMO3 cluster with all the bells and whistles activated
New radio that looks like its stock - Think it was a modified Caddy radio that looks original but had AUX Bluetooth etc
Lowered by 10mm all around
Factory like window tint
Oval style exhaust (Non resonated)
Bora vents
W8 interior light
New custom dash vents (With the Wolfsburg logo to match the wheel caps)
Stage 1 remap - think she's on 120BHP compared to stock 105bhp not much but something :/
Additional front fogs with 3k bulbs
Cruise control (As previously mentioned)
Caracture grill and side skirts
Audi S3/RS3 coolant cover(s)
Custom painted airbox
Mk5 Golf rear wiper.
JOM front splitter.
To some it may seem only minor, but to me when I use her it always brings a smile to my face, plus the sound she emits now does make people stop and look - not to say that annoying or just a "Fart cannon" but to admire the fact that someone has the passion to make a car theirs, which I bet a lot of people on here have done the same, although the paints not perfect as many cars would be for almost touching 20 years old but still wouldn't mind showing her off at some point if I new of any shows in Wiltshire..

Thanks for reading,

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Things I still love:

Blue and red stock dials
Stock ICE
Avus & Montreal wheels
MFD, because it reminds me that my Mk1 GTI had something similar
Simple engines
5 stage heated seats
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