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Which Silver paint is closest to Aluminium?

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Simple one this:

I need to paint a plastic bit silver in a short term repair attempt. However, it sits next to some brushed aluminium bits so I want to match it as close as possible.

Which shade of silver would be best? I'm thinking Reflex Silver at the moment, but I'm not limiting myself to just VW paints. If another manufacturers paint is closer I'll go with that.

Any suggestions?
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Cheers Patch. Would that be the standard variety, high temp, or very high temp? [:)] Any, I guess...
Got another one for you Patch...

I used the Aluminium paint, looks real nice. I let it cure and then lacquered it. How long should I leave the lacquer to cure before I fit the piece? 24 hours?

Its a interior plastic trim piece that's been sprayed, for the dashes central fascia (radio cage).
24 hours should be long enough,

i left mine for a weekend just to be sure lol
Cheers Paradox.

I'm now just hoping it looks as good slightly rubbed down and lacquered as it did with just the paint. Might put a couple of pics up once its sorted.
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