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Which kit is ideal off eBay for pressing front bushes ?

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Hi little thread as I'm not the only one wanting to buy a bushing kit off eBay little stuck on which one to purchase for golf
it's an ideal kit for future reference please comment
Only a kit for the front thanks
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Hi mate I think your getting confuse I already have the TT ARMS AND BUSHES I want a kit to remove the bushes and put poly ones in. Lol cheers tho
hammer and a large flat head screwdriver to remove the old ones. polybushes should go in with a strong pair of hands or reasonbly sized vice
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Yep I've got a press coming weekend . ????
With pressed steel arms they are a "nice" interference fit, a rubber mallet and bit of wood. You don't have to get brutal.

Can't comment re the TT cast arms.

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