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Where to buy turbo, Hmmmmm?

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Hi all,

Right another turbo thread (I know) but bear with me.

Ok, not 100% yet but might need a new turbo for my motor, reeaallly hoping not but will find out this Wednesday either way. So, I have been looking round the web, ringing around for prices and have got a variety. The 4 main companies I have looked at are:

Midland Turbo's

Turbo Dynamics

C R Turbo

Turbo Solutions

If anyone has experience with any of these companies good or bad a would love to hear and especially if it involves a reconditioned turbo as that is one of the possibilities I am looking at. Any general info on peoples experiences of reconditioned turbo's is also welcome.

I have also been looking at the viability of fitting it myself (with the help of a mechanic who works for a relative for backup). Iv'e already done a few bits on the car and my own job is fairly mechanically minded but I have not undertaken something so big on the motor as of yet. It sounds like it would be a straight swap and as long as I go through the right processes should be straight forward enough.

My question is does anyone know from the underside of the car (I have access to a lift) do you have to remove a lot of other stuff to get at the turbo or can you work around it to get the turbo out? Also does this require any VagCom stuff as I don't have that and that would make this a no go for me.


VW MKV Golf, Gt Sport TDI (140 BKD), Reflex Sliver.
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Hi there, its a:

MKV Golf Gt Sport 140 TDI (Engine Code BKD) and most importantly just out of warrenty (sods law and all).
i got mine from midland and cant fault them and it. Not usre on how easy it is t ofit on yours, but mine was possible with a bit of fiddling about, having to unclip things from mounts so that I could get the turbo out.
Cool, was this a new or remanufactured turbo? So far they work out at the best value for money as they reduce the price of the new turbo for getting my old one back in exchange.
mine was a refurb
Cheers for the info danny but I'm not sure its possible to transplant the 170 into a 140. I get the impression from others its not a straight swap. For now anyway I'm after keeping it stock in the engine bay. Different mater in the looks department, still want a half colour coded GTI rear and tail pipes but that will have to wait now.

Cheers cenobytez, good to know, I will definitely give a refurb unit more thought now.

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