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where can i get jetta front lip

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Looking for a jetta gli front lip in piv below?
Anyone know of anyone or know the genuine part number please
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I think awesome gti were looking at bringing in U.S. parts over so may be worth talking to them ????????
yes we can get hold of them they are listed on our site
Ok thanks. Found it but thats way over priced. Thanks anyway. I will get one imported
the one on our site is imported from the usa if you will pay import duty and tax will cost you more than that if you do it on your own.
Yeah I bought one when they were $90 which was about £50 at the time... Cost me over £250 by the time I got it into the country, and as I say, was 9 years ago...
I will look for different splitter if i cant get that one. Just not worth it
there is a company who make copies but they are fiber glass but are cheaper from belgium iirc
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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