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Hello Folks,

Bought myself some gauges for my 1.8T, Oil Temp & Boost pressure (PSI)


Theres 3 wires in total, Red,Green and Black on the back of the Gauge.

Red = Live

Black =Earth(in the car)

Green = Temp signal wire which will be going to the Sender on the sump

The Sender has two wires coming from it (Black & Red)

The Red from the Sender will go to the Green which will be routed from the back of the Gauge through the car to the bottom of the engine to the Sender on the sump (I believe)

Which leaves me a Black wire on the Sender to Earth some where?

The Question(s) is.........

1) Wheres the best place to mount the Black (Earth) from the Sender?

2) Wheres the best place to wire in the RED (Live) & Black (Earth) in the car?

3) Is it ok to connect the wires from the Boost Gauge to the same place i will be connecting the Oil Temp Gauge in the car?

The gauges i have need a constant Live, as the gauges are completly black until power goes through them which is when the light up.

ALSO....I have left out one cable which i will not be connecting, that is the DIMMER on the both gauges, im aware of where to wire this into but ive been told by the Seller theres pretty much no point on the types of gauges i have as it makes very little difference.

Any help would be great as the instructions are generic and not specifically for a VW 1.8T (AUM)

Hope i make sense! [:D]

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In answer to the Earths, you can either wire them to ANY existing earth points, or you could drill a small hole, rub back some of the paint and attach a ring tag to a nut/bolt/washer combination in there.

Free bump for the wiring of the Lives.
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