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wheel fitment help please

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hi guys ive brought a mkv golf gti and im looking at getting some new wheels 18" Cades Tyrus are what i want there 18" x 8.0" et45 on the front and 18" x 9.0" et45 on the rear (obviously 5x112) now im wondering if they'll be on straight on or if il need spacers and if they'll be ok when i lower it by around 20-30mm (on springs for now).

Thanks guys :D

p.s i love my dsg gearbox ;)
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i answered on the gti forum but yes they will fit i ran them much lower than 30mm with the exact same specs but different design (i had the vmr 710 reps) and they fit perfectly with a 215/40 and 225/40


the backs sit pretty much flush without any camber but with camber they tuck nicely

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Are the tears 9j there bud? I have the option of both 8 but I'd like a wider rear for scene points

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Yeah 18 x 8/9 et 45 with 215/40 and 225/40

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