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Quote: posted by dec on 07/03/2005 15:06:01

Can't say as I'm familar with the 4mo wheels.

My Bora before I changed the wheels...(Standard V6 Brands Hatch 16"s)

Posted Image

I can say in all confidence 17s are absolutely fine and you would hardly notice; I had them on my last Bora and had no complaints. When I changed, I had to ride around on stock 16"s for ages and HATED it - nice design, but comically small and just looked ridiculous, especially at the back. See that arch gap? You could stand up in it, and a 6.5 inch width just doesn't cut it on a wheel arch that big. I couldn't wait to get rid.

I HIGHLY recommend you look at an OEM 17" like a Santa Monica or Long Beach, which will give an excellent ride and improve the looks dramatically, not to mention giving you more grip.For the record, I drive an Audi Quattro Sportline on stock 17"s quite reguarly and the ride in that is considerably harder than in my 18" wheeled Bora. With decent tyres I think you would be fine and they just suit the cars proportions perfectly, but 17" OEM wheels will also do the job nicely.
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