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Wheel bearing or brakes. What do you think ?

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I had both front wheel bearings replaced in the summer and new break pads.
Since beginning of December I've been getting a squeak coming from the front nearside wheel and it's doing my head in.
It's a constant squeak like the bearings gone again. I ve only done about 5000 miles so surely it can't be the bearing.
Just wondered what you guys thought. Could it be the bearing or could it be the brakes. I know my brake fluid is ready for changeing and the discs arnt badly worn but are rusty on the inside. The squeeking doesn't chane when I brake and it starts at about 30 mph.
Any ideas on anything to try before getting the bearing changed again.
Would it be worth getting some new discs and trying them or is it the dreaded bearing.
What do you think
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Unless you have fitted cheap Chinese bearings (or something similar) I think this rules this out!

It sounds like brake related from your description. Have you visually inspected the discs? There could also be crud/cr4p jammed in the brake setup! Given you have stated the discs are badly worn, I would repalce them and the pads for safety and to rule out the possibility!
Well I hope it is the brake because I can do them myself but I'd have to get it booked in for the bearing. The discs that are on arnt badly worn I'd say that they was proberly 1/2 way through there life but the vents on on them and the insides are rusted.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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