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What's parts are needed for a asz 4 motion conversion ?

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I have a pd130 gt tdi pushing 190 bhp . I have done loads of work to it . Cam belt and water pump Uprated clutch Sachs clutch full tilstek exhaust system ( my own brand custom exhaust ) and egr delete it is also serviced up regularly with pd oil and premium Bosch parts and it's rearly not worth selling at 107k has so much life left in it . so in around a year it will have served its purpose as my girlfriends daily driver . And i can set to work 4 motion with upgraded haldex is the plan . Need to know what parts I need . Ive been told a v6 4motion box fits straight on to a asz lump . Also the floor will need cutting and abit of electrical work but what else will I be needing parts wise ? For a full conversion .

Any one done this before ?
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I'd be tempted to seek out a 4mo and put the engine into that.
^ Exactly what I don't want to do . Want to keep original car and chassis if I can help it. Do just need a list of parts
v6 box won't work you'll need a diesel quattro box, you could fit a tt / s3 one but gearing will be way out.

other than that you'll need drive shafts (front)

exhaust system

rear diff carrier

rear subframe and trailing arms

rear suspension


rear shafts and hubs

centre mount for prop

diff / haldex

rear end wiring for abs / haldex

petrol tank

pretty much the complete rear underside of the 4mo including boot floor

as mentioned above waaay easier to drop it in a 4mo shell
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Okay so does make sense just swapping into a 4motion shell . If that's the case I would like to purchase a s3 to drop the lump into if that would work ? And get hold of a 130 tdi 4motion or Quattro gearbox to use with it would that work ? Then getting hold of a cheap golf 1.8t gearbox and mounting the 225 lump to my exsisting golf . To save on wasting / scrapping a car . . Good idea ?

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Pretty sure some a3s come as what you are trying to achieve, quattro 130bhp diesel. However if you are after a donor quattro a3, I have one I will be selling as a spares / repair car
Yeh some do just want to make the the most of the modded up golf engine I have . How much are you looking for your a3 Quattro tdi ? And what's up with it ?

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It's a 1.8t Quattro and the engine doesn't start I'm after £500
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