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Lot's of confusion here! There is now a V2 of the SPS, there's only been a V1 and V2. It isn't really an upgrade over the original SPS3, I believe Feels SPS was faulty as such we replaced it... both SPS's will work on current software. The fueling function isn't applicable on VW Group software at present, the intention is to write this into VW Group software in the early part of next year. Being more specific (any orders that have gone out with new switches have included the update info!):

We have altered the functionality on both the SPS2 and SPS3 switches, as of November 2004 all switches will be the new style. Below is an explanation of the differences:

The new SPS has only one boost range rather than the older low and high boost this is a combination of both old boost range?s and is simplified with the most useable settings:

New Old

Boost Boost(equivalent)

0 0 low boost

1 1 low boost

2 3 low boost

3 4 low boost

4 6 low boost

5 7 low boost

6 9 low boost

7 2 high boost

8 5 high boost

9 9 high boost

The new SPS3 has fuel adjustment, at this present time this is only built into Porsche software and has no function with any VW Group software. This function will be designed into the VW Group software in due course.

Timing range remains the same as does the anti-theft function.

On top of the 91mon/95ron and 93mon/98ron octane settings the new SPS2 has an added setting for 100octane fuel.

The default SPS2 settings are as follows:

Mode Boost Timing

95ron 6 0

98ron 6 5

100ron 6 9

I hope this helps!
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