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What mods for a stage 2 AGU?

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Looking at getting a map for the golf...its a AGU engine code.

Currently got:

Pipercross panel filter
3" decat downpipe
De-silenced centre section into Remus Backbox
Denso Iridium PLugs (IK22)

Looking at getting:
THS intercooler
Forge Turbo Intake Pipe

So what stage is the old girl at and what would be needed, if anything, to get stage 2.

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AGU stage 2 would be to get a K03s surely? My understanding of the ARZ/AGU is that the limit is the K03 itself.
AGU stage 2 would be to get a K03s surely? My understanding of the ARZ/AGU is that the limit is the K03 itself.
You can stage2 a k03,getting more power in the midrange which is where it counts.

Chris-thought you were going k04?
Scrapped the k04-001 idea. Remap for now and will eventually get a K04-023 onto it.

Do you reckon the mods that will be on the car will be good for stage 2?
You could get away with just the forge tip on top of what you have now,fit the fmic when you do the bigger turbo.
best thing is phone the person you plan on getting it mapped with and ask them, i rang r-tech and he has managed to cut my shopping list down by about £650
Get the TIP :) though if i were you id source a K03s and get it mapped once.. Really depends what your looking for i guess. You'll probs only get 200hp on a stage 2 with the K03... K03s you could see 220 easily enough.

Ive seen bad things with the denso plugs though... cost an engine and turbo... just a thought lol.
Yeah, the TIP just now would be okay. I would always consider the k03s to be a requirement of a stage 2 AGU. But then thats probably because thats what I did.

I didn't need to touch the intercooler until I hit 230 BHP, so wont be necessary for sticking with k03 turbo. To be honest, for the cost of the mods already done / going to do, the extra to just bang a k03s on before mapping is minimal, so I would just do it. I mean, your already getting the tip and the downpipe, so the couple hundred quid for a k03s and get an extra 30 BHP or so is almost as good bang for buck as the remap itself.
Itll be going k04-023 sometime in the future so im not going to splash out £250+ on a k03s. Seems a bit pointless IMHO.
About as pointless as stage 2 mapping a k03 when youre gonna change the turbo and need a new stage 2 map! Save your money, get the turbo you want. Get it fitted and mapped to stage 2. Job done.

Standard 150bhp feels pretty pathetic, so it needs some life injecting into it it give it a bit more of a GTi feel.

K04 might not even be this year so wouldnt call it totally pointless getting a map done.
you'd feel a big difference with the ko4 and a 4 bar regulator (to richen it) without the remap. It makes sense to me to get it all preped then get it mapped
For the k04-023 you'll need a new manifold, custom downpipe, k04 tip, bigger injectors, 3" maf housing, fmic, the list goes on!!!! Don't think it's a good route to go down at a later date like you plan...
I can comment on this pretty well as I did it all with my old A3.
TBH Chris just take it as is to R Tec get a generic stage 1. Will see you good for 190 bhp.
Pointless pushing it further. Keep the FMIC for KO4 Time.
When the time is right go back to R Tec with the KO4 on may even do a deal on the 2nd map?
Yeh, i was just purely wondering what mods would actually be needed for a stage 2.....TBH, the mods do suggest it could be a stage 2 so was just wanting confirmation what is actually needed.
you'd feel a big difference with the ko4 and a 4 bar regulator (to richen it) without the remap. It makes sense to me to get it all preped then get it mapped
Well then yes in answer to that T.I.P and FMIC is all else you'd need. Not worth it just yet on the KO3 though...
I could get a 60k miler k03s for £200 delivered. which is a good price as it would see a good return on it when upgrading.

Its a tempting way to go for a year.
You may as well mate. Its less than the remap is costing you, and will see a similar increase in power itself. Certainly a far better investment than a FMIC at the moment, you'll actually see a gain from it. Otherwise, map as is. 200 BHP is pretty much the max out a k03 regardless of what's been done, and while it will be nicer than standard, it isn't a huge leap really.

Personally, I wouldn't bother with the k04-023 at all. As HillBill said above, you need all them extra parts to fit it, so unless you get the whole kit at a bargain price, its just not worth doing for the gains you'd see over the k03s. I had considered it myself, but all that extra for 30 BHP more than a k03s, just didn't seem worth it.

If you are thinking of going for a bigger turbo than a k03s at a later date, then do it right, and go for one of the bigger boys. They all need manifolds, downpipes and such also, same as k04, but will actually be worth it giving much bigger gains than the 30 BHP you'll see on a k04.

There are some nice k04 conversions out there, but in my eyes, if you can get 240 BHP from a k03s and 270 from a k04, for the extra cash I'd want 300 BHP, which is never gonna happen on a k04.
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