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What frequency will my central locking be?

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Got a 2003 1.6 16v (BCB) Think its an SE, has all round elec windows, cruise control (that doesn't work so dont know if its just a stalk or not). Need a new key, as i only have the spare non remote CL one. Had a look on ebay and there seem to be a couple of different frequencies. Can anyone tell me which one i need? And also if i need 2 or 3 buttons, as it has an alarm. Cheers, Craig
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Have a read of the Key FAQ linked in my sig it will show you where to look[y]

I dont have a key though, thats the problem, i only have the spare (top image in your FAQ).

Cheers, Craig
Sorry, is this the key that i need, or an example of what im looking for? Cheers, Craig
That is a picture like in the FAQ showing the info on the rear of the key's top half
Sorry but just read the original post again,your car MIGHT not have remote locking (although it could have).If it does have,all the original keys with the exception of the plastic one would have been remotes.
You need to get to the CCM that's behind two lots of panels in front of the drivers legs and get a part number off it,this will tell you whethert it is remote or not and if so what frequency it's on.

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As you're only up in crawley, do you think there is any chance i could pop up some time, as there are a few other bits that i need to do and have no idea how to. Replacing the fuel filler cap solenoid (the plastic pin on it), getting into the roof lining as the rear washer hose has split and filled my boot with water, trying to get the cruise control to work. And lowering it on springs, cause I cant afford coilies. I Obviously i'd sort you out some beer tokens for your time. I hear you're a bit of a golf encyclopedia, but if not, don't worry about it, im sure you must get asked the same thing 24/7. Cheers, Craig
PM me when you're ready to come up and we'll sort something out.

Nice one mate, I shal do. Just bought another standard key for the moment, havn't got a spare, so really need to get it sorted out. Dont suppose you have vagcom and fancy coding the immo, again, beer tokens involved :D
VAG-COM's against my religion but I do have VAGtacho that can do immobilser coding stuff[8-|].

Haha, nice one :). Again, thanks for your time so far

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