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What else do i need to maks fit?

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My car has the stock DV thats broke, i plan to replace it with this, do i need to buy any parts to make this fit or will it just go straight on to all the stock pipes? thanks, Dom.
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So glad to hear that as i'm far from technical minded lol. Is there anything i could do to make fitting it easier or is it a simple job anyway, thanks for the reply, D
no its really simple mate you will prob need 2 jubilee clips when you change it tho and fit exactly the same as the old dv.
cheers peep's should be here in the nxt couple of days, then i can hit boost again properly [Y]
As others have stated this will be a direct swap...
It arrived in the post today, just managed to get time to pop the bonnet, just wondering what type of clips are holding it on, there is three, how do i undo them & are they re-usable? sorry about all the noob questions [paperbag]
They'll be single use VW clips I guess. Just get yourself down to Graham Goode or somewhere like that and they will sell new hose clips. Failing that any DIY shop will sell jubilee clips that are upto the job.
cheers mate, 2 jubilee clips coming up, will a zip tie be ok for the little top one?
Finally got the time to fit the baileys DV, and found it very easy to do with no knowledge other then the advice i got from you lot so thanks for your input, got to say the standard clips are a absolute nightmare, & took alot of swearing to remove them [:mad:]. Now i can hit boost [:)] without worrying where the pressure is going, Thanks again everyone could'nt of done it without your input. [Y]
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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