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What does this mean?? new handbrake cable ?

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been looking through forums to try and find an answer to my handbrake problem. it doesnt hold the car very well... does it need to be tightened more?

if i take the ashtray out it looks like this (this isnt my imagine so god knows why there r cable ties there)

but one side is different left than the other??

any help please?

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To me it looks like one of the handbrake cables or one of the callipers have siezed, this happened to mine turned out to be the cable, but the cables should roughly be level
callipers siezed ... that sounds expensives.... how do i check if its either ?
If you can get to the back of the calliper you will see where the handbrake cable connects to it, disconnect the cable and try moving the arm the cable connects to it, if it moves freely then its a good indication that the handbrake cable is siezed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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