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Quote: posted by Felix on 12/02/2005 00:09:45

CHR1S went for over ?125,000 several years ago... Now I think that is just daft.

Mind you if had the money that some people in the world have then I would probably have bought it, I suppose you have to look at the costs of things relative to how much "disposable" income you have.. I paid ?250 for T19 ALL and the plate C3 ALL was ?250 too. Not a bad investment considering how much D3 ALL is going for.

Mother has B3 ALL and brother has S19 ALL.


Its a family thing...

quite often companies buy expensive plates (and other things) to avoid paying tax on excess profits at the end of a financial year, companies pay a tax on any profit so will quite often make capital investments so as not to lose 10% to gordon brown t
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