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Went in search of the sun...

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and took these

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comments welcome [Y]
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Liking the third one, I initially thought it was hastings pier, whats left of it but it's clearly not.

I may have tried cropping a little off the top of the third one but that's just me

That's fair enough - they're just as I've taken them and I've only had the camera a few days so I'm trying to learn as quick as possible. 2 looks too light tip left IMO and I'm not happy with 5 either tbh.
1,3 and 4 are epic!
Cheers, Tim [Y]
i would say 3 is also my fav but nothin wrong with any of them!

been out in search of some artificial light tonight as the car is clean, but a tripod is definatly needed!
I need one too !
Looking good Damian.

Have a read about the "rule of thirds" which is a compositional guide that helps you position objects in the frame. You've instinctively used it in the first pics but I think the last two would have benefited from slightly better composition.
Lovin all the pics, but 3 definitely rocks for me
If you want me to be brutally honest all are somewhat cliched except for the third one with perfect exposure and the old legs of the pier (I've still got a lump of wood from it somewhere at home) leading the eye into the picture[clap].None of the others have any foreground interest.

thanks for the comments

Like I say, I'm learning and trying to learn on an overcast day with lots of people around and having the boys with me isn't perhaps the best [:)]. main thing is that out of the 90 or so that I took, I was happy with half a dozen or so.....
"Rule"....... Made to be broken as often as possible! It's not a rule, it's a guide. Often works, often makes every photo look similar. Predictable. Do you want to show photos that look as though someone else took them? Postcard pics? Lovely shots by the way, and worth printing one or two off for the hallway wall!!
I like 2 and 3, just a shame 2 is over exposed :(
Nice shots damian!

3 is my favourite... number 2 could have been a belter but as spoon says... its a tad over exposed! (you might be able to rescue it in photoshop)

Just a tip... try to avoid having the horizon placed slap bang in the centre of the photo (like #3)... its generally not good for the composition of the photo!

1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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