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weird central locking problem

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Everything is working fine apart from the fact that the fob wont open the passenger door, from inside I can open the passenger door using the unlock botton on the door switch and the door will lock with the fob but just wont open, anyone know what this could be?

im guessing not the microswitch or door lock module because the other functions are all working fine...
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Try disconnecting the car battery for about five minutes and let us know what happens.

Was gona try that earlier but the snow just wouldnt stop lol will try it tomorrow, can I rule out door lock module and microswith or not?
If it unlocks using other methods then the door lock module can't be faulty,the only other thing it can be is a faulty CCM.

ok mate will see how I get on tomorrow and post back, thanks
frozen door electric lock,bet it clears up when the weather warms up.Try squirting wd40 in the door driver with door card removed,wiggle plastic pin up and down to free lock.Short term fix !
A quick update incase anyone else comes accross this problem, it turned out the boot wasnt unlocking either so disconnected the battery for around 10 mins and everything was back to normal
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