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Water hose clip pliers

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Can anyone tell me where to buy or send me a link to somewhere that sells pilers for removing the hose clips on the heating hoses that run into the thermostat unit?

I need to replace the thermostat and geting the hose clips to move is proving to be a real pain...

Many thanks folks,

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look on ebay ;) they cost from 15 to a whopping 75 quid but all do the same job
Can you not just use mole grips? That's what I normally use. Normally only a few quid from high street discount stores.
Mole grips are fine on the majority of these but for certain ones with limited access you can't beat using the correct tool for the job.
Hi folks,

Thanks for the information - I'll order one from EBay as recommended by Thai-wronghorse and let you know how it goes B)

did my stat yesterday, managed fine with mole grips
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