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Warning!: Ice In Between Door Gaps

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Thought I'd pass on my recent experience to avoid this happening to someone else, not happy today.

Went to open my door yesterday after clearing the car of snow, to hear a big cracking noise, and the bottom right corner of my door totally bent round. After a bit of research there seems to be a design fault that VW are aware of, that means snow and ice can easily get compacted in behind your door, so when you go to open it forces the metal out if place. There is a bit of chat about it on here..

So if your clearing your car over the next while would recommend running some hot water down the front door gap where the hinge is. My door, front quarter and sill are now noticeably creased. I had to hammer the metal back into place before my door would even fully open..
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Thanks for the warning...

Can you post some pics please.
One or two pics in the link above. Makes for a very interesting read aswell.
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