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Want to upgrade turbo what do I need

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Hi guys I want to upgrade my turbo to k04 on my agu 1.8t what parts do I need that differ to stock is it a direct fit or hard job for little gain I'm still new to modding vags I've read a few threads but still unsure any advice would be appreciated
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Actually looks like an expensive job is there a turbo upgrade that is direct fit that will give me a better boost I'm not looking for big numbers just a better low end boost
If I go for a k03s is that a direct fit and would I need a remap straight away or can it run on standard map till I get a remap
What sort of price do ko3s turbos go for and are all the pipes all the same
They should be but for prices you will need to check eBay and specialists sites.... if you want to.go second hand i suggest you look at VAG specialist breakers
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