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Walbro In-Tank Fuel Pump

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I've been doing some research as I think my fuel pump is slowly on its way out. Sometimes it doesn't prime when opening the door, feels a bit slow every so often. I'm getting a list of all the parts I need for my stage 2 and I think it would be wise I upgrade the almost 100k miles old fuel pump with a shiny new one.

I've read that either getting an LCR one or a Walbro 255lp/h in-tank pump will be good. I'm inclined to go for the Walbro due to it being a lot cheaper for a new unit but have read about fitment issues. The Walbro seems to be a smaller size to the OEM and either need to butcher the housing or getting an adapter.

The threads I've been reading are a good 3-4 years old now so was just wondering whether anyone has fitted one of these recently, whether they'd changed the design etc? I think I'd rather get an attachment/fitting kit instead of modifying the actual housing just for peace of mind but wanted to get other peoples views on this if possible.
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It's probably the door lock switch causing it not to prime, rather than the pump itself. I bet the interior lights dont come on either when that happens...

I can't really help in regards to what pump you could use as an upgrade, but if it was me and i was planning on chasing big numbers i'd be inclined to use a generic in-line pump that flows well and leave the tank pump as a lift pump.
Door module is fine. Was replaced about a year ago with a new oem unit and lights come on fine.

Not planning to go for big numbers for now just a stage 2 with a KO3s just thought I might as well future proof myself a little in case I go hybrid or BT in future.
I'd get the Sytec FSE P3031.1 pump, ideal for stage 2 and beyond, and is a direct replacement for the std one.
What sort of power can it support as I'm looking to go around the 300bhp mark
I think the walbro was good for 500bhp+. I'll definitely look into the Sytec. Do you have this?
I have it and have been told its good enough for a hybrid. So your looking maybe 330--350 max out of it, but its easy fit and forget.

It may do more, tbh not sure, but that will be max I would want so not looked any futher
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