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VW Specialist in or around Nottingham

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Just moved to Long Eaton near Nottingham but working in Nottingham City Center. I need to get my car serviced preferably while i'm at work. Can anyone suggest a good VW specialist? I noticed C&R Enterprises in Radford - does anyone have any experience of them?


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Avoid Bob Sherwin!

The mechanical work is fine and has worked on my car for the last 6 yrs. However, he recently charged me the VW price for an intercooler when he actually got it from GSF. £80 profit for him on parts. He messed up as I know the guys at GSF otherwise I would never looked at the intercooler,,,,, Pretty pissed off as he had plenty of custom from me. Greedy Sheister.

Lost customer Bob you thieving charlatan. [6]

So of you come across a good Volkswagen garage let me know as I too am in search.
why did my post say intoxicated? [:cool:] i typed p i ss e d . Either the Mac corrected it or the forum on auto correction of slang!!
If you're still looking, i've used Autotechz in Stapleford before for a cambelt on my old Golf.

Can't fault them and although they're technically a Skoda specialist it's all VAG right.

Certainly cheaper than main dealer prices and they seemed pretty clued up.
vw auto technik I have had good service from several times. clutch, servicing etc
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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