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I have had the head rebuilt as the engine was losing water, this has now been solved and i am left with the following problems which were not apparant previous to the to the re-build

I have a starting problem first thing and blue/white smoke from exhaust, a new internal injector loom, glow plugs and relays, low pressure fuel pump, temp senser, refurbished turbo, one new injector, and a compression test done. The intercooler has been flushed twice but oil still collects in the intercooler pipe, the garage has checked the turbo and say it's not turbo ,the car drives great except for the poor starting when cold and smoking.

The car has been back to the garage several times and I have spent alot already and I still have the same problems that I went in with, which the garage diagnosed, can anyone advise me which way to go next
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Hey there

Sorry to hear about your engine woes, it sounds like it's been an expensive few months. Does your car continue to smoke once it is up to temperature? Just wondering because my car is smoking quite a bit lately and I have a feeling that the cold weather and then in turn really cold engine is stopping the combustion being it's most efficient. From what I'd read on other websites like, I tend to get in and drive straight away to get the engine working, the smoke goes away once the temp gauge starts moving, and then I park up and leave the engine running when at temperature it doesn't smoke.

How much oil did you get out of the intercooler when you flushed it, or is it a bit hard to tell? I'm aware that all of my intercooler pipes have some oil in it, but because the car isn't using up oil and I don't have to top it up I am happy to leave it for now. I'm afraid I don't know too much about turbo internals but maybe upon first starting a car a bit of oil passes the seals before they work? That's a complete guess though.

If you fill out your profile a bit with your location and exact car and engine model hopefully someone local will spot this and add a suggestion?
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