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vw golf 1.4 s 16v leaking oil

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When i pulled on my drive last night i noticed a line of oil up the
street ,i tried to see where it was coming from and looks like from the
back of the engine drivers side .when i checked the dipstick there was
only about a litre left in the engine so i topped the engine up with oil
and started it and sounds fine the compression is ok to no lack of
power to the water and oil does not look mixed either any ideas thanks
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EXACTLY the same as what happened to me !
id love to know too!

free bump
Was it definately engine oil?

Id check your breather that goes into the top of the airbox....they can get clogged up and cause a rise in oil pressure.
the pipes are clear and compression is sound,and yes it was engine oil .
Have you had a look for where abouts it was coming from?

Id still be tempted to say it will be the crank breather or the pipe from the rear of the engine.
ive checked it no oil coming out of the pipe ,not sure if there any seals at the back of the engine
Theres just the one on that pipe that leads to the crank breather.

Have yu checked the back of the engine for leaks?
are there many other posibilites as to what this could be?
Not really...

Leaky sump, all depends where its coming from.
right thanks, will need to get on a ramp tomorrow then!
i lost an enginesworth of oil on the way back from the petrol station, could the cold have ripped a seal or pipe do you think? would be more of a seal.....There isnt any oil pipes that run round on a 1.4 I dont think from memory.

Hopefully its not something bad like a cracked sump or something.
i hope not too! everythings going wrong on my car atm! thinking of selling up!
how much would a sump be?
cant see it being a blown headgasket or cracked blocked as the compression is ok still drives with normal power .the oil is around then dipstick area
I could sort a sump out if you needed one.....Got the one off my 1.4.

I doubt it would be a cracked block or headgasket.

Chances are, if its round the dipstick, it will be a breather issue. Which is why im drawing so much attention to the pipe into the airbox and the little black box behind the engine.
would 3 litres of oil come out of there in a short distance 2 miles ,was freezing temp last night weather that had anything to do with it ,what is the box on the back connected from
Hmmm, its a tough call tbh, ive never really seen the amount of oil that comes out when its coming out the dipstick.

The little box connects to the block, used to vent excess gasses back into the air intake,
ok cheers ill look tomorrow
I've just had exactly the same problem today with my wifes 1.4s. She mentioned it had just started smelling of oil and ask me to check it out. Too dark and cold for me to have a good look but after a quick check I can see its thrown oil on the back of the engine and bulkhead. It does sound like a breather pipe problem as engine runs lovely and quiet with no lack in performance. Have topped the oil back up and will use it for my very short trip to work tomorrow. It seems very odd that so many 1.4s are suffering this at the moment, could it be due to the below freezing temps?
did you find out what the problem is garage still got mine still havnt found the problem
I've had a quick look but can't see any leaks but plenty of evidence of leaked oil on bulkhead. I pulled off the top of the breather hose and that seemed ok but couldn't reach the other end but what I could feel felt fine with no splits or blockages. After the car being parked up over night there wasn't one drip of oil on the drive/snow and after the short trip to work it didn't leave any where it was parked. Have done about 20miles now and all seams fine (dip stick levels not dropped since topping up) but somethings obviously wrong for it to have done this so will investigate further when I get more time.
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