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VWFestival - A show in the North of England (at last!)

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Website -
Show Date - 26th June 2005
Location - Harewood House, Leeds

I've sent off for a stand pack for this show, would be good to get a uk-mkivs appearance in.

If your interested in going please let me know in this thread, I'll need rough numbers for stand allocation etc.

More details to be discussed nearer the time of the show.

Stand peeps:
David - Paid
dwabo - Paid - meet up
Faisal - Paid - meet up
Deadlock - Paid
RJH - Paid - meet up
Hoops - Paid - meet up
J111ASE - Paid - meet up
Laura - Paid - meet up
Sdesailly - Paid - meet up
MikeTDI - Paid
TurboTrev - Paid - meet up
cjp2k - Paid - meet up
deanopaul - Paid - meet up
Gary Cundliffe - Paid - meet up
GolfTT - Paid - meet up
Total = 15


Meet up point.

I've found a pub just off the A1, a mile or so along the road from Harewood House. The pub is called The old Star Inn.

Click here for Map - - Click here for details of the pub

Orgainsers want us to turn up between 9.00 and 9.30. This doesn't leave much time for cleaning cars etc. so I'd like to get in there for about 9.00. Therefore meet up time will be 8.30 with plans to get underway for about 8.45.

If you can't make it to the meet up point then please make your own way in. Be aware that it will be easier for us all to turn up in convoy.

See you all there bright and early!

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Quote: posted by Tabs on 11/01/2005 22:22:06

Theres always room Beddie! Deadlock good to have you on board as well [:)]

I've had an email from the organisers with some advance info, will post it up tomorrow.

Cool, cheers dude! [:D]

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i might be up for this!

craig what speed you planning on doing to get there in less than three hours???!!!! [B)]

i drive down there to my other halfs all the time and it takes a good 3-4hrs when there is no traffic! Harewood House is another 30-40mins along the road!
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