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The other VW that I had to prep for this years Ultimate Dubs.

VW Corrado G60 - 'Ultimate Dubs 2011' show prep

A year goes by since Adam last had his Corrado on display indoors at the International Centre in Telford for Ultimate Dubs. One or two visits to the bodyshop, a few thousand miles and a couple of subtle mods later, it's that time again…

March 2010, this was my working environment:

Posted Image

March 2011 however:

Posted Image

Two days were initially given to freshen up the paintwork and to tidy the interior and upholstery. In the end however, spread over four days, some 26/27 hours were clocked and the "minor" paint correction detail soon turned into more of a "major" paint correctional detail.

• 3M Glass Cleaner
• 3M Fast Cut + (green)
• 3M Extra Fine (yellow)
• 3M Ultra Fina (blue)
• AutoSmart G101
• AutoSmart Tardis
• AMDetails' mild clay bar
• Belgom ALU
• Dodo Juice Born To Be Mild
• Jeffs Werkstat Prime Strong
• Menzerna 85RD 3.02
• Menzerna 203S
• Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner
• Meguiars Super Degreaser
• Meguiars Last Touch
• RaceGlaze Black Label wax

The car:

Posted Image

Posted Image

The defects:

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

As Adam would be taking the wheels off at a later date to deep clean and polish the splits, sort the arches and paint the calipers, I got stuck into the bodywork straight away.

A fair bit of time was spent cleaning the intricate fiddly areas where a washmit would otherwise struggle to reach:

Once clean and rinsed, it was time to clay to lift surface contaminants.

The rear end being the worst affected (the roof, two front wings and the bonnet were freshly painted)

Rinsed. Dried.

Paint inspection.

Overspray on the O/S,

Sanding marks (DA 'pigtails'),

Machine holograms,

O/S door before & after:


Little ledge on the door edge, before/during/after:

Door complete:

50/50 on rear quarter:

A deep one I wasn't able to chase completely:

Swapping to smaller spot-pads to reach areas that the large polishing pads couldn't get to:

O/S rear quarter complete:

Hazy roofline before/after:

Done with lots of tape and small Hexlogic spot pads:

50/50 on the O/S door/wing:

Bonnet polished with the Lake Country HT polishing:

And refined with a Lake Country HT finishing pad:

O/S front wing suffering from overspray and more sanding marks,

Tackled with the light cut Hexlogic spot pad and Menz 85RD 3.02:


O/S finished:

At this point, my trusty Chicago rotary polisher had an electrical issue (as the cable goes up and over my shoulder to keep it from touching the paintwork, the wire tends to weaken and split overtime) No time to waste though, out with the Makita 9227CB which I've had boxed up for almost a year now…

Although it's a great machine I did notice the weight/bulkiness of it altered my approach straight away…

When the Chicago is rewired and alive, I'll probably keep the Makita for large/flat panels and the Chicago for the tricky curved/tight areas where manoeuvrability is key.

50/50 down the near side: (haze caused by sanding marks)

Lower edge of the front wing before/after:


N/S nearly there…

Carbon fibre spoiler removed to gain better access to the bootlid and surrounds.



CF spoiler before/after:

Rear light clusters very hazed and dull. Before/After:

Toothpickery work to shift the residues caught up in the lettering:

Adam set about polishing the exhaust with 00 wirewool and Autosol.

Front bumper suffering badly.

Out with the wool pad:

Machine work complete. Outside to rinse.

Water sheeted to aid drying (…even though it was raining!)

Back inside and the car was blown dry with the Black Baron Vehicle Dryer.

After an IPA wipedown to remove polishing oils, the car was waxed with my new premium wax, Raceglaze Black Label.

Overspray spotted on the glass. Was just able to shift with glass polish…

For now, that was the exterior work pretty much complete.

Interior wise, the seats were removed to allow wet vaccing of the carpets etc.

At this point, the Porsche material on the seats themselves and the floor mats were also vac'd.

Plastics cleaned with G101, various cloths, brushes and a JML magic sponge. Glass inside and out with 3M's Glass Cleaner. And a helping hand given on the engine-bay work that Adam was dealing with..

With my work almost out of the way, it was time for Adam to sort the arches, the wheels and the brakes.

Adam got a telling off. Whilst changing the rear registration plate his mucky paws caught the paintwork and subsequently marred the finish. Douche bag.

En route to the show in convoy:

Final prep on Saturday night before Sundays show:

Managed to sneak the Audi Support Vehicle through…

A couple of examples on how not to polish a car…

And finished.

Final picture courtesy of 'Jimnotjon' on flickr:

Thanks to all those involved.

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