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VW Caddy EWY/DSF gearbox on Seat Leon 1M

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Hello everyone,

I've been searching for ways to reduce fuel consumption on my tdi, and it seems like the most common way here in Portugal is to install a 5th gear from the 90hp ibiza tdi (supposedly the longest gearbox), however I haven't been able to find the gearbox code for that particular modification. I've also heard of people installing the 5th gear that came with the 100hp PD engine.

I began looking for 02J gearboxes with a lower final drive and 5th gear ratio than my EBF gearbox and came across the VW caddy EWY and DSF gearboxes, that have the same ratios as the CTN from the earlier Golf III. Apparently the difference is in the clutch.

Does anyone know the difference between the EWY and the DSF? Are they plug&play on a vehicle with a EBF gearbox?

Thank you very much for your time and help:)
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tbh how much better fuel economy are you after?

you already have a tdi?

maybe you should sell up and take public transport or cycle?

the cost of putting the new ratio's in will take you 20 years to pay off at 1 or 2 extra miles per gallon
Yes, my Leon is a 110hp 1.9Tdi, AHF engine. It's now producing around 190hp with race520 nozzles, 1749vb turbo and a performance camshaft.

The difference in the gearbox ratios would be quite big, from 2600 to 2400 @120km/h and 3500 to 3200 @160km/h.
cant you fit a different clutch and flywheel and run an 02M 6 speed diesel box??
The 6 speed change is quite expensive, and I like the 5 gear setup, just want to lower the rpm's a bit. I do most of my driving on highways, maintaning a steady speed but the tdi seems to be the least economical around 3000rpm (aprox. 145km/h) and the most around 2000rpm (approx. 90km/h).

Of course running 300km at 90km/h would drive me crazy, but doing it at 150km/h drives me broke lol just looking for a mid-term.

I believe the caddy runs the same gearbox ratio as my dad's 130bhp PD VW Passat and the difference in fuel consumption between the two is HUGE...I once got 800km out a full tank, but the usual was about 600km (now that it's non-standard I get about 400 to 450km) dad get's over 900km regularly...and even when I'm driving I still get over 600km easy
Small update...been driving the passat because the Leon's getting a new block (melted a piston) and the fuel consumption difference is really amazing, I got 800km out of the passat running around 160km/h. Did the math and the average consumption is around 6,8l/100km...the Leon goes for around 11l/100km, and it has even reached 13,3l/100km one time!
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