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When I was in the states I order a macbook pro and received a free printer. I have a converter that steps down the voltage to 115v but when I plugged it in it made a strange noise and then wouldnt turn on. So i took it back to the states (my fiancee lives there) and got an exchange. I thought that the first printer said that it need 110v which would explain why it stopped working so I order a step down adaptor that puts out 110v. However, the new printer states on the back that it needs 120v so im now thinking that the old one may of said that it takes 120v.

My questions are

Would a shortage of volts ie the prning needing 120v but only getting 115v damage the printer?

is it safe to use the 110v or 115v with the new printer that states it needs 120v?

I hope this makes sense to someone


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