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I bought a "cheap ebay lead" for Christmas (I read up on how bad they are, etc!), just with the intention of not having to pop along to the garage to have fault codes read - I'm not looking to do anything "complicated" with it!

Have installed vcds-lite, and after a couple of false starts, am getting somewhere now - I'm just not sure where...

All the main buttons reported "controller not found", so I ran a "control module finder" scan, and it only found:

Address 5F: Unknown Address: 5F
Protocol: KW1281

Address 6A: Unknown Address: 6A
Protocol: KW1281
Controller: 1J0 035 186 D
Component: RADIO SON 0004
Coding: 02403
Shop #: WSC 31414

It's a 2002 Bora V6 4motion, if that helps at all?

if I type 6a into the Direct Entry box, the radio says "diag" and I can check for faults/etc.

Any ideas why that is the only controller found would be appreciated though!

Next time I pop over to the Mother in Law I'll try it on her Polo, see what that does.
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