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Vag commander 1.4 and skc

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Urgent help required trying to retrieve the skc via this cable. I can't see how.
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You need to read the eprom like you would when you do MTE on a cluster, the PIN (SKC) is decoded at the same time, just above the change mileage box, it looks greyed out [;)]

Thanks old no7. Found it where you said. Next question what addresses do I change for mte and lit needles? And to what?
Have a read through this guide, the values are in there. It is written for Vagtacho but should be of use [y]
thanks, i have done that before with vdos but bosch ones arent complete with vag tacho but apparently its possible with vag commander? and the addresses are different? or am i wrong?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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