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The purpose of this list is for you to find a VAG-COM user to help you with car problems.

Please dont use this thread for queries, shouts or arranging meets. Start your own thread or use the PM system. If in doubt contact me or the Admin for assistance. Thankyou

You will need a viewer or similar: XLViewer Clicky

Spreadsheet Clicky

Here is a list of those at varying stages of proficiency in the use of VAG-COM software..

If you would like to add to the list please use the following format:


(Area for example - Region or Nearest Town)
(Level for example - Full Registered or shareware / New user up to advanced user)

Followed by any special instructions or relevant information.

I will add you to the spreadsheet when I can

Please don't use this thread for queries, shouts or arranging meets.

If in doubt PM me...

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Quote: posted by rfsteel on 13/04/2004 11:22:17

Woking, Surrey - Would be willing to travel between M25 Jct 11-6 and A3 New Malden - Hindhead if required.

Full Registered / Proficient

Do we use PMs to arrange meets (beer as payment[;)])? - alarm beep, switch off EGR & auto lock for example..... just the other side of Chobham [/pleading voice]

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Note of thanks to Russell (rfsteel) for doing a same-day service enabling my cruise control. Cheers mate!

Have now got my own cable, located on Ox/Bucks border near Thame, work in Leatherhead in Surrey so join the dots.

Shareware version only so far, only done cruise and diagnostics.

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