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Well I got my car booked in to be raised and serviced three days after purchasing it. The car was raised okay and full service done including spark plugs, haldex filter and so on. When driving back from the garage, I got a warning and beeps on the dash about low oil pressure. Stopped immediately and called the garage who came out and topped up the oil and said it will be fine.

Carried on home and it came on again 3-4 times in short succession whilst in stop start traffic. So got the car recovered back to the garage. They changed the oil pressure sensor but still got the issue. They stripped the engine bay and put a manual oil pressure gauge on the car to see if there was mechanical pressure as the car drove fine. All seemed okay with that and they moved the sensors around several places and proved mechanical oil pressure.

They suspect is either a faulty dashboard, a break in a loom somewhere or possibly the engine speed sensor. Vagcom wont show up exactly what the issue is so its a tough one. Anyone else had an experience like this or am i the only unlucky one?

Have only driven the car 3 times since i got it on 3rd January, been in the garage ever since. Of course the trader i bought it from doesnt want to know and points me to the warranty company. They warranty company cant pay out until they know what is broken. So im left in no-mans land waiting for the diagnostics to complete which so far is a few hundred pounds worth. Gutted to say the least. On the plus side the STI gets to do the work run for a few more days/weeks whilst this is sorted.


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