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V5 Misfire

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I have a Mk4 150 Golf V5 but it's an estate.. they only made it for one year (99-00) so not many about.

It's got a misfire that is causing a lot of juddering under 2000rpm but is normally gone after a lot of fast hi rev driving. Then it comes back. Compression test came back fine, Lambda sensor is not working, so say the garage. Coil pack was cracked and corroded and sparking all over the place so put new (secondhand) one on. Only a tad better. Due new spark plugs,. AA man seemed to think cylinder 4 was at fault. Had a wet spark plug. No fuel coming from the exhaust so garage thinks at worst it'll be the injector.

But they are struggling to find any real difference in any of the cylinders. Leads have been swapped around and replaced where needed too to eliminate stuff. Anyone got any ideas? If it's a dismantling job i can't afford it but don't want to scrap it as it's other wise perfect.

It's still very drivable but down on power and fuel is likely to be being wasted away with all this hi rev driving.
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usually on the 10v model, the ignition amp ( its on the bulkhead ) is the cause.
Hey cheers will suggest checking that. No messages on the car.. garage used kit to determine sensor fault and couple of other random things but nothing they thought would cause it. Ignition amp hasn't been suggested so will ask. Cheers
The car will come up with lambda fault when the ign amp has gone quite often, the agu 1.8t engines with similar setup do this too, sometimes mafcodes appear too, its down to the missfire caused by the amp.
Aha, hopefully thats it then , got one from breakers for just £30 so if it works ok could have saved a bundle. Fingers crossed
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