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V5 Misfire

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I have a Mk4 150 Golf V5 but it's an estate.. they only made it for one year (99-00) so not many about.

It's got a misfire that is causing a lot of juddering under 2000rpm but is normally gone after a lot of fast hi rev driving. Then it comes back. Compression test came back fine, Lambda sensor is not working, so say the garage. Coil pack was cracked and corroded and sparking all over the place so put new (secondhand) one on. Only a tad better. Due new spark plugs,. AA man seemed to think cylinder 4 was at fault. Had a wet spark plug. No fuel coming from the exhaust so garage thinks at worst it'll be the injector.

But they are struggling to find any real difference in any of the cylinders. Leads have been swapped around and replaced where needed too to eliminate stuff. Anyone got any ideas? If it's a dismantling job i can't afford it but don't want to scrap it as it's other wise perfect.

It's still very drivable but down on power and fuel is likely to be being wasted away with all this hi rev driving.


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Disconnect each sparker in turn and see which one makes no odds, that should help narrow the problem down to one cylinder at least. If you find the culprit then you can try swapping coil packs to see if the problem moves with the coil or not. If it doesn't then it's got to be the injector or maybe a burnt valve although I think that's pretty rare these days.
Gave all that a go, put new coil pack on and plugs too, it's cylinder 4 that the problem. Maybe the ignition amp?
Compression been tested? Compare it to the others, if it's low chuck a bit of oil down the bore and try again, if it's still low it's probably valve related.

No idea on the amp thing, the petrols aren't really my forte or at least newer ones. I moved to diesel when carbs were still popular lol.
Lol, no worries, compression is fine on all cylinders, did find a wet plug in no.4 but as it's intermitant not sure what that means
mine has a similar problem and have tried to pin it down .Nothing on diagnostics so as its done 175k maybe the chain has stretched and the timing is off so although its been good,htd Recaros sat nav etc .only cost £400 so I have decided to move on with a 1.8T
Hoping its not a chain issue as mine done half those miles!
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