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V186 ETA Red Golf

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Spotted in Plymouth with a ukmkivs sticker on the rear. Nice car!


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Hey there thats me only had the car few days now cheers

Ah nice one! Where did you get the sticker from? I'm looking for one!

Also, any chance you're making it to the UKMKIVS meet? Could organise some sort of South west convoy if so.
Bonnet clean there matty :) good spot.
What is it chris?
Haha thanks. Just ordered a sticker following this announcement!

It's a 1.8T :)
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Hey yea its a 1.8t used to have a green colour concept few years ago and always wanted a turbo one ????
Not sure yet mate working loads at the mo but yea would be cool...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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