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US Spec Euro Lights

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Hi Guys,

Anyone found these cheaper ,I had posted the link the up but in the wrong forum under mk5 oppps lol

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US spec Euro lights....?? [:cool:]

So just US spec lights then! As in Euro lights are one thing and US lights are another.
They are about £130 from the dealer so yes thats a good price and your not going to get them much cheaper than that
You can get for for £110 from the dealers, so no thats not a good price when you add £11 postage on top
i got my set from dealers straight at £109 i think
My bad guys lol meant US spec lights . Not USA Euro spec. Will call the local stealers tomorrow and see what they want!

Make sure your cheeky and ask for discount.
Spoke to them, said they dont stock the part!!!!

Any numbers I could possibly call or part numbers
1J6945095AC and 1J6945096AC
When i ordered mine from the dealer i had to wait a few days for them to come in.
Got them from the dealer a few weeks back ?130 next day in stock!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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