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urgent suspension help needed!

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hi guys,

quick question, Im swapping the coilovers on my car for a standard suspension setup today, but I cant get a hold of my mate with his spring compressor! Do I need the compressor if I am swapping over the entire setup, shocks and springs, will it just come out as one unit?

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more than likely as you need to swap the front tops over
u wont need a compressor for the rear, but i think you do for the front, i was supposed to fit coilovers on the front of my car today but it doesnt look like its going to happen as ive just got up. some1 else will be allong soon who knows better than me.
It depends on what you're doing with the front shocks, you say you're swapping the whole things over so I suspect you'd I find it easier to remove and install whole front shocks with them compressed down as it's a shorter unit to remove and install.
if you remove the ARB bolt, the front arms will drop down low enough to get the struts out.
dont need a compressor to swap the complete shocks. if you do need to take off the top mounts, then you would need one
cheers everyone, gave up on it in the end, couldnt get the struts off at the bottom using the tools I had
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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