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Urgent help CAT D

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Ive just found a volkswagen golf for sale with the exact spec that im after.
Its a 1.6 se with 63 thousand miles on the clock so not very much its 3dr and a private seller on a 04 plate. it has all the features id really like such as fog lights cruise control air con and generally looks really tidy.
The car is a cat D from the insurance. the guy hasnt answered his phone so havnt had chance to ask what happened. the date of this insurnace was 09/ 01 / 2010. the asking price is 3895. Should i be put of by the cat D.
what does this really mean? i understand its the least of all the accidents and damage.
Thankyou joe
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[cop] im sure 1.6's were only made in 5 door
how much?????????????????????????????

i would not pay that money for a mk4 even if it is a 04plate.

must be a better car for less money than that. is insurance a problem?
Hmm, I read somewhere that there was a very slight amount of 1.6's made in 3door, not sure on how correct this was as it was from this forum a couple of years ago... :D

Joe, Cat D is nothing to worry about as long as the work has been carried out properly, ask to see where it was damage and look for proof of the damage and proof that the work has been carried out properly, if you can't get an AA inspection done.

I'm not sure on how much the 1.6's sell for but 4k seems a bit expensive, check around and see what similar models are selling for, though generally Cat D will knock about 20% off the book price.

Cat D usually isn't very heavy damage at all, especially with slightly older cars, I had a Cat C car for about a year and you would never have known when driving it or checking where the damage was. (Which wasn't even that heavy in the first place)

Good luck. :)
I may have posted in the wrong section in my rush for a answer! it is a mk5 golf 1.6 and i shall re post in the correct section now.
Thankyou for the answers though especially to raymk4 :)

double checked and this is the mkv section :p
i got the check i had done said the repair costs do not exceed pre accident value which sounds promising. i shall be phoning again in the morning! this still sounds good :)
OOOHH! Mk5, seems about right, get it checked ASAP. :)

After a quick look on autotrader I saw some for about 5K with similar specs (1.6 FSI)

So yea, just don't be too hasty and make sure everything is OK before you set your heart on it.

Yea it was my fault for not realising it was on the MkV section (Clicked it through new topics)

And as for the amount to repair, thats how the categories work, if the examiner deems the repair to be worth more than the car it is written off as a Cat C, if the repair doesn't exceed the overall value it's a D.

Though remember it's still been written off so make sure if you get that far you do your fair share of haggling whilst emphasising this point! :)
Glasses guide trades this car as Excellent £3850 - Average £3480 - Below average £2980.

Given that it's a Cat D registered car I'd not be paying anything more than £3k at the absolute maximum. For £4k you can get much more car and better condition.
I have experience with previously written off cars. First of all, not all insurers cover previously written off cars. I know Tesco and Swiftcover dont for sure, but I do know that Aviva do (not sure about other insurers). Secondly check for cars of similar spec and similar mileage and see the price. A Cat D car is worth 20-25% less than a car that has no accident history (bear this in mind because insurers will pay out a lot less for cars that have been previously written off if you make a claim). Thirdly, as long as the car has been repaired properly and has no problems as a result of the accident and you have taken into account the first two points iv made, then its all good and go for it!!
thanks everyone, once again youve all helped!
especially after watching the video ive decided to leave the cat d and wait it out untill another one comes along.
another nail in the coffin was my cheapest quote was with swiftcover and as youve said if they wont insure cat ds theres no point anyway!
The hunt continues!
Joe mate think i asked you but couldnt remember what u said. Have u considered a 1.9tdi? Insurance shouldnt be too bad and it would increase the cars available to you.
hey man ive started to look out for the 1.9 diesels but none seem to be in my price range! it certainly broadens my search though! cheers mate
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