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urgent boot help

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i have a smooth boot and need a manual boot release cable put into the car

i think it should be able to be put throught the boot loom into the car like a boot popper, and mounted somewhere in the rear of car

that is somethign liek what im thinking so welding the wire to the release in the boot and then mounting the relase handle in the car

any other suggestions??
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im running a big sound system that potentially will shake the solenoid and ive had ppls boots stop workin

so manual relase is what i want
I've also got a big sound system (just short of 2 KW) and have never had any problems with shakey solenoids,if you install them properly trust me you won't have any problems.

I've had no experience of installing cable release so can't help you I'm afraid.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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