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uprated brake pads for mk4 gti with wear sensor

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Can anyone recommend a set of upgraded brake pads for a 312mm gti setup that also has the wear sensor. I know I can code it out but if its there id like to have it in use! The pads ive found for sale have no mention of including the wear sensors. Ive heard good recommendations or ferredo (if that's how its spelt?!) and mintex.
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Mintex M1144 or Ferodo DS2500 are both highly regarded 'fast road' pads .
thanks, I do recall seing those mentioned. Do they come with the wear sensor built in however? Non of the places selling them I've found seem to menion one.
They should be available with or without. Remember when searching these brake calipers were used on a hell of a lot of different VAG vehicles, so if you can't find the sensor ones stocked for your Golf try other cars with the 288mm or 312mm front brakes fitted.
I found it easiest to look for Audi tt brake pads yellow stuff come with a sensor connected
I have used ebc yellowstuff, redstuff, greenstuff and pagid from GSF, they were the best, and with sensor.
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